About Lake Merritt Massage

Most of the massage therapists at Lake Merritt Massage graduated from one of the nation’s most highly respected massage schools, National Holistic Institute.

Each massage professional has received extensive training in many massage modalities, including: Swedish Massage; Deep Tissue; Myofascial Therapy; Sports Massage; Joint Mobilization; Zen Shiatsu; Hand and Foot Reflexology; and Thai Massage.

Additionally, our therapists hold the title of “Health Educators” and receive hundreds of hours in training in kinesiology, anatomy and physiology, and holistic practices including: energy work; aromatherapy; crystal healing; reiki; among others.

Your first visit at Lake Merritt Massage may, depending on your needs, include an extensive evaluation of your posture and range of motion to tailor your massage to the areas of your body that are holding the most tension and causing pain.

It’s easy to book an appointment at Lake Merritt Massage using our online appointment scheduler.

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4 thoughts on “About Lake Merritt Massage

  1. Aaron, I scheduled an appt. w/ you 4 tomorrow but your offer via don gates I think was 4 domanick and colton only. If so, please reschedule me with domanick. I’m dealing with acute facial pain w/concommitant migranes and depression and the massages help immensely. My depression is gone and my pain has been significantly reduced. I have been getting a massage a week from both dominack and colton – is that OK? Deeply grateful, Paul

    • Hi Paul – I have updated your appointment to be with Domanick as he and Colton are still in need of the hours. I appreciate your Yelp review and the support you’ve been giving us. I’m very glad to hear that the appointments have been so therapeutic! See you soon!

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